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From the popular television series “Cheers”: SAM: Well, look at you. You look like the cat that swallowed the canary.    NORM: And I need a beer to wash him down.

Cartoon image of a first aid signHangover Cures
It’s official... “the day after” has arrived and you are sicker than you ever thought possible. So what can you do about it? After about 5,000 years of drinking alcohol, we still have not discovered a cure for hangovers. Or at least, no true cure other than time.

For centuries cultures around the world have searched in vain for a cure for hangovers. While there are enough concoctions to make your head spin (if it isn’t spinning already), few of them are helpful, and NONE cure the hangover.

The strong desire for a hangover cure has led to many strange experimental remedies. In the middle ages, for example, hangover sufferers tried to relieve their pain by eating a mixture that included raw eel.

Strange remedies exist in our own culture, and as ridiculous as they sound, most of us have tried them. It’s 2AM and you are exhibiting the three “S’s”: slobbering, stuttering and staggering. In desperation, you brew a pot of coffee and take a cold shower. Do these old remedies actually work? Learn the truth about some
Old Wives’ Tales.

Regardless of how desperately we search, a hangover cure will loom tauntingly before us like the holy grail of sinners everywhere. Keep in mind, it will always be much easier to get a hangover than to cure one. In the meantime, here are some amusing
hangover cure recipes to keep you busy (and experimenting).


What's in this site?

Hangover Causes
What is a hangover?  What happens in your body to make you feel so ill?  Which drinks are more likely to give you a hangover?

Hangover Symptoms
What does a hangover feel like and how does it compare to other illnesses?

Hangover Prevention
How can you prevent yourself from becoming ill when drinking alcohol?  What should you eat and drink?  Can aspirin or vitamins help?

Hangover Cures
So, you already have a hangover - what can be done to get rid of or reduce the severity of the illness?
Old Wives’ Tales - What
has traditionally been done
to cure a hangover, and do
these remedies actually work?
Recipes - What hangover
remedies can you make at

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