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All About Hangovers Link To Causes

All About Hangovers Link To Symptoms

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All About Hangovers Link To Cures

“I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.”  --  Frank Sinatra

How’s it “hanging?”
Pink elephant at the barThese words take on new meaning when you experience the self-induced pain of a hangover. Since you are visiting our site, you are probably familiar with the symptoms of the illness, and may even be experiencing them now. Don’t worry.

We have removed all flashy text and other dizzy page elements that could contribute to your pain. We are here to help you make it through the day (and future days if you don’t learn the first time).

So what are the
symptoms of a hangover?  Why exactly do you feel so awful?  Is there any way to prevent this terrible feeling?  Or better yet, is there a cure?  Read through our site and get up-to-date answers.

Author’s Note:

This information is provided in the interest of education.  The irresponsible consumption of alcoholic beverages is neither condoned or encouraged. We agree with the oft quoted English philosopher Mr. Billy T. Goat III, who, one week before his 98th birthday, said:

“Right...don’t come sniveling to me about your hangover. Considering the bloody fool you undoubtedly made of yourself to get into this condition, you should be thankful you don’t feel a good deal worse!”

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What's in this site?

Hangover Causes
What is a hangover?  What happens in your body to make you feel so ill?  Which drinks are more likely to give you a hangover?

Hangover Symptoms
What does a hangover feel like and how does it compare to other illnesses?

Hangover Prevention
How can you prevent yourself from becoming ill when drinking alcohol?  What should you eat and drink?  Can aspirin or vitamins help?

Hangover Cures
So, you already have a hangover - what can be done to get rid of or reduce the severity of the illness? Which hangover remedies do NOT work?

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