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“You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.” -- Dean Martin

Symptoms of a Hangover
Unfortunately, too many of us are familiar with the symptoms of a hangover:

Hangover (hang·o·ver) noun.  1. Unpleasant effects resulting from excessive alcohol consumption. Common symptoms are: headache, nausea, dehydration, dizziness, and almost everything else unpleasant you can think of.

Body aches

And sometimes:

Loss of appetite

Hangovers are basically a mild and temporary version of what drug addicts suffer when they experience withdrawals. Hangovers are nature’s way of warning us we that we are harming our bodies.

Cartoon toiletAs awful as it feels, vomiting is actually good for you because it permits your body to quickly dispose of the alcohol in your system. Remember to drink more water to re-hydrate your body. If you feel that you are going to vomit, don’t fight it. You will thank yourself in the morning.

Two common hangover symptoms are fatigue and drowsiness.  When you go to sleep with a high amount of alcohol in your system, your brain is unable to enter the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep.  No, we’re not referring to the band . . . Without the REM stage of sleep, your brain is unable to dream and achieve the relaxation it needs.

What can you do to relieve these symptoms? Find information on curing hangovers on the
Cures page.

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What's in this site?

Hangover Causes
What is a hangover?  What happens in your body to make you feel so ill?  Which drinks are more likely to give you a hangover?

Hangover Symptoms
What does a hangover feel like and how does it compare to other illnesses?

Hangover Prevention
How can you prevent yourself from becoming ill when drinking alcohol?  What should you eat and drink?  Can aspirin or vitamins help?

Hangover Cures
So, you have a hangover - what can be done to get rid of or reduce the severity of the illness? Which hangover remedies do NOT work?

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