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From the popular TV series “Cheers”: SAM: Little early in the day for a beer, isn't it Norm?
NORM: So float a corn flake in it.

What should you eat and drink?
Cartoon of orange juice cartonSince one of the main causes and side effects of a hangover is dehydration (the lack of fluids in the body), drink a large amount of fluids (non-alcoholic!). Your body needs fluids to break down the alcohol. Without them, toxins build up and cause you to feel ill. Feeling smart? Click to read more about the
biology of a hangover.

Drink plenty of water before, during, and especially after you drink alcohol. Juices, milk and Gatorade
® may be easier to keep down than water, and juices contain beneficial vitamin C.

Dehydration isn’t the only culprit - drinking alcohol also depletes your body of essential nutrients. Eat something light and easy to digest to calm your tummy. However, the most important thing is that you eat something (and hopefully it stays in your Cartoon of milk cartonstomach).

Dairy products and foods high in fat and/or protein are often considered the most helpful. Fruit and honey can help because they contain fructose. Soup can help re-hydrate your body.

Having food in your stomach is also beneficial because it slows down the body’s absorption of alcohol. By slowing down the absorption, you allow your body more time to metabolize (break down) the toxins. 

Cartoon of cheeseMost people falsely believe food is beneficial because it simply absorbs the alcohol. Instead, the presence of food in the stomach helps decrease the concentration of alcohol by diluting it. Thus, food helps lessen the direct irritation of the stomach lining.

Food also helps delay the absorption of alcohol. Without sufficient food in the stomach, more of the alcohol will enter the small intestine, which absorbs alcohol much more quickly than the stomach.

A good preventative measure is to nibble throughout your drinking escapade. By starting out with food and water in the body, and by replenishing them as you drink, you reduce your chances of a hangover.  

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What's in this site?

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Hangover Prevention
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What should you eat and
drink to prevent a hangover?
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Hangovers? - What type
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prevent a hangover? 
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prevent a hangover?
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How long should you wait
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Hangover Cures
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